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Walnut Grove Elementary employs the following applications in our ongoing quest to provide the best education to our students.

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ST Math

Also known as JiJi Math, Walnut Grove Elementary has been one of the frontrunners for this software. JiJi is part of the MIND Research Institutes approach to teach math to students by "removing the words". Their founders unique approach can be viewed on the following TED Talks TED Talks — YouTube


Google Applications for Education, also known as GAFE, is a free service to schools. Per Googles website: "As you may know, Google was founded by a research project at Stanford University, and this is just one way we can give back to the educational community." This powerful tool integrates with iOS, OSX, Windows and ChromeOS and allows our staff to produce homogeneous lessons that can be deployed via various hardware without the need for additional professional development for each device.

G.A.F.E. Logo
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RAZ Kids

RAZ Kids offers over 400+ ebooks for the K-5 environment. Not only does it engage the student in a fun and insightful way, it does so in a fun and entertaining manner.



i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction is an online assessment tool that allows our highly qualified staff to adapt their curriculum to the ever changing classroom landscape.

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