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Device Request and Technology Support for the 2020-21 School Year
Students and families who have questions about their online learning apps, Google accounts or other technology related issues should initially contact their teacher for assistance. Additional Technology Support can be requested by all staff, students and families using this linked form.
"This meeting for internal only...."
Are you getting an error message when you log in to Zoom that says, "This meeting for internal only. Please sign in with your company account to join." Watch this linked video for tips that might help!
"Zoom won't let me in!"
There's a problem a lot of people are having where they try to click a zoom link and it says you're not in the "organization" or simply fails to connect. This is because logging into the chromebook does not also log you into Zoom, you need to sign in to chrome and then sign into Zoom.
    1. The student must sign into the chromebook using their student email and password. You can't use Zoom if you're logged in as a Guest. Zoom will automatically install itself, although it might take a minute.
    2. Open Zoom by clicking the circle in the bottom-left corner of the screen and clicking the blue Zoom icon
    3. Make sure you're signed in by opening Zoom, clicking the tab on the right side that says "Sign In", and then "Sign in With Google". you will use the same email and password that you used in step 1.
    4. Now that you are signed into both the chromebook and Zoom you should be able to join the meetings through a link or by using the meeting code
This is a common complaint about Zoom, they are aware of it and are hopefully working on some sort of fix. Still having issues? Please submit a ticket using the form linked above!
No-Cost Meals available to ALL STUDENTS
Pleasanton Unified School District values offering nutritious meals to all students and wants to ensure that students have equal access to meals. We are committed to feeding our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be offering a drive-thru meal service this fall at seven service locations. Our sites are open access. Families are welcome to pick-up meals at any location. MORE INFORMATION