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CogAT Test Results

After testing at all schools is completed, the test answer sheets are sent to Riverside Publishing in Iowa for scoring. Reports are returned in approximately 7 weeks, near the end of the school year.
GATE eligibility letters are mailed home during the summer attached to the CogAT Parent Narrative Report. The letters indicate if the student met the criteria for GATE identification, was below the criteria for GATE identification, or was so close to district criteria that staff is conducting a further review.
  • Students scoring at or above the 98% age related, national percentile rank on one of the subtests of the CogAT are identified as GATE.
  • Students scoring within one percentage point in any of the above categories are considered for further review.

Further Review Process

The district prepares a Further Review packet for teachers to complete for the students considered for further review. The packet consists of three sections:
  • written teacher narrative and student work
  • Renzulli rating scales
  • CAASPP Scores
The Program Coordinator and a committee of teachers and administrators convene to review these Further Review packets. Points are tallied for each section and packets are scored on a rubric. This allows the district to consider multiple criteria for each student. Again, letters are sent to the student’s guardian notifying them of the results. In PUSD, approximately 17% of the grade 4-12 population is identified GATE.
Results are expected to be mailed home late July